Městys Holany
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Interesting information

From the publication “The Heraldic Emblems of North Bohemian Towns” of 1970

      We can see from the name ‘Holany’ itself that it is among the oldest Slavic settlements in the Česká Lípa region, and we find the first written records of it dating from the middle of the 14th century, when it belonged to the Berks. From the middle of the 15th century, as part of the Rybnov property, it came into the hands of the Vartemberks. During the 16th century, this family made further purchases to bring together the lands around Česká Lípa into the Nový Zámek property with its seat at the chateau in Zahrádky.

    Thanks to its favourable position, Holany was a market centre and sources label it as a town in spite of the fact that its population never grew much above five hundred. Its decline to a village took place due to the fall off in its markets after the construction of new roads at the start of the 19th century, and in 1863 it was destroyed by fire. Its inhabitants earned their livings through handicrafts, farming (in the main hops for export), fishpond cultivation and fruit growing.

      The history of the municipality includes a peasant uprising in 1680. During the time of the pre-Munich threats to the Republic, on August 28th 1938 the antifascist ceremony of fraternity between Czechs and Germans was held here, the importance of which went beyond the municipality’s borders.

    There is an architecturally important Baroque church dating from 1785 and in the near surroundings are a whole range of picturesque strongholds and small castles in poor state of repair but with rich histories: Milčany, Rybnov, Jiljov, Vřísek, Vítkovec and Chudý Hrádek. In this exceptionally attractive environment, cultural events with musical and literary programmes lasting several days are held every year, such as “Holany Spring’ and the country music festival ‘Holany Carp’, now in its seventeenth year.

Note: In 2001 Holany renewed one of its traditions and held the 1st annual renewed festival of camping and country music under the title “HOLANSKÝ  DOSTAVNÍK” (Holany Stage-coach). 18 groups from all over the Czech Republic took part in the event over two days in June. The standard was high, the music was great and the weather beautiful. In 2002 this country music marathon was held for the second time, with a similar format, and the high number of visitors corresponded to the overall quality of the festival.
Due to the costs involved in arranging the festival and its low profits, the Holany local authority decided that the festival would not be held in 2003.

The Municipality Emblem

A silver crenellated wall on a blue background with two silver towers, each with two rectangular windows, one above the other and red pointed roofs with golden cupolas. Between the towers, a linden tree in natural colours.