Městys Holany
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Castles, chateaus, ruins
The Milčany Holany stronghold
Chudý Castle at Holany

Religious structures
The rectory in Holany
The Holy Trinity Church at Hostíkovice

Folk architecturs
Timbered cottages, Nos. 3, 33 and 77 in Holany
Timbered and half-timbered cottages Nos. 1, 3, 12 and 46 in Loubí
The mayor’s hall in Víska with an exhibition of folk furniture and architecture in Kravaře

Monuments and other items of interest
Nedamov u Holan
The pheasantry in Holany


Vlhošť (614 m above sea-level)  - 3 km from Holany
Since 1997 a forest reservation. Interesting geological composition. Has retained its original stock of trees in the area of the Vlhošť mine, with dwarf pines with crowns of up to 10m in diameter. From the Skalka settlement, lying 500m under the mountain top, there is a beautiful view of the České středohoří (the Czech highlands) with Milešovka (an extinct volcano) and the Lounské vrchy (the Lounské peaks).

Žižkův vrch (Vřísek na skalách)
The whole rocky sandstone complex south of the municipality offers a whole range of interesting rock formations, shelters, caves and so on.